Phoenix Temple Panch Kalyanak Pratistha Mahotsav was held on December 19th through 25 2008. Below are the links for the Photo Albums

Album 1 -> Click Here

Album 2 -> Click Here

Album 3 -> Click Here


Anjan Shalaka held on 15-16th Nov 08, Photos from Vikhroli, India -> Click Here

Temple Construction Photos since it began from April 08 -> Click Here

Bhaktamar Poojan was held on 17th Aug 08, for Photos -> Click Here

Vedi Shilanyas was held on 16th Aug 08, for Photos -> Click Here

Temple Beam Naming ceremony was held on 20 July 08 Photos -> Click Here

Temple work in India as of April 2008: Photos -> Click Here

Ground breaking Ceremony was conducted on April 6th, 2008: Photos -> Click Here
Shilanyas Ceremony was conducted on Oct 26 - 28, 2007: Photos -> Click Here
Temple Construction Update November 15th 2008
Beam Naming Cremony 20th July 08