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Panch Kalyanak a brief introduction-1

Panch Kalyanak Pratistha is the process of transforming the statue of marble in to God (Bhagwan).

Panch mean -five and Kalyanak mean -for the betterment of all living beings.

Five auspicious events of the life of Bhagwan will be acted upon a statue during five-day event.

Your presence at this event will make you feel a part of the life course of Bhagwan.

During such an occasion the thought process (parinam) becomes so pure that it creates a permanent change in the life of some people towards spiritual fulfillment, peace and prosperity. Acharya Pujyapad Swami called this celebration to be a catalyst for Right perception (Smayak-darshan).

Five auspicious events are:

Day One: Garbha-Kalyanak or Inception ceremony:

·         Six months before the inception & during the nine months of pregnancy Indra Kuber showers precious jewels in the city.

·         Saudharm Indra assembles his cabinet & celebrates the joyous day.

·         Eight young girls celebrate the day with the mother with music & dances.

·         Garbha Kalyanak Pooja is done during the day.

·         Mother witnesses 16 dreams this night.

·         In the evening King’s (father) cabinet assembles, the king explains the meaning of all her dreams.

·         56 young girls present the mother with the gifts through joyous dances.

Day Two: Janma Kalyanak: Birth ceremony

·         Saudharm Indra celebrates the birth by making three circles of celebration hall.

·         The Birth is celebrated with songs & dances.

·         Sachi Indrani brings the child from the mother & enjoys the presence of child Bhagwan with dances.

·         Saudharm Indra wants to have the child desperately, once Sachi Indrani gives him the child, he enjoys the aura with his thousand eyes & still remains unsatisfied.

·         Saudharm Indra takes the newborn Bhagwan to Mount Meru on Aravat elephant in a large procession.

·         At Mount Meru the Bhagwan’s Abhishek is done with 1008 Kalash

·         Janma Kalyanak Pooja is done during the day.

·         Saudharm Indra celebrates the joyous occasion with Taandav dance to honor Tirthankar’s birth.

·         In the evening everyone enjoys the opportunity of swinging the child God in a magnificent swing created by heavenly Gods.

·         Child God’s birth is celebrated for the spiritual fulfillment, as this is His last birth.



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Panch Kalyanak a brief introduction-2


Day Three: Diksha Kalyanak: Renunciation ceremony

·         In the King’s assembly the young prince declares his intention of renouncing the worldly life and the parents accept this decision with joy.

·         Lokantik angles praise the renunciation thoughts of the prince.

·         Procession of the prince to jungle.

·         Discussion between Indras & Kings as to who has the right to carry the Palaki (coach).

·         Process of Aahardaan (first meal after Diksha).

·         Diksha Kalyanak Pooja is performing during the day.

·         Behind the closed doors special processes are done to the statue.


Day Four: Keval Gyan Kalyanak: Omniscience celebration

·         Celebration of Keval Gyan by all, with music & dances.

·         Creation of Samosaran by heavenly Indra.

·         Divya- Dhawni (sermons) and questions by Gandhar’s.

·         Keval Gyan Kalyanak Pooja.

·         Behind the close doors Keval Gyan process is done to all the statues and at this point the doors are opened because after achieving Keval Gyan the statues are now transformed in to Gods.


Day Five: Moksh Kalyanak: Celebration of liberation

·         Declaration of Moksh & celebrations with loud musical instruments & dances.

·         Evaporation of physical body in presence of heavenly Indra Agnikumar.

·         Nirvan Kalyanak Pooja.

·         Shanti havan.